Bobbysocks Birmans
(Affiliated with Queensland Feline Association Inc.)



Judging Rocky at Sydney Birman Show 2006

For as long as I can remember I have always loved animals and in particular, cats. As a child my father would tell me that I would get a hairball because I was always cuddling our grey tabby domestic. Well, I missed out on the hairball, but still love cats. My love of pedigreed cats began with Persians. I registered the name of 'Limerick' in the late 1970's and decided to breed blue, cream and blue creams and purchased my first stud cat 'Owenroe of Kilkenny' (a cream male) from Heather & Jim Simpson. Some years later I became smitten with an orange eyed white Persian and so purchased 'Tuam Clare'(a white female) and 'Arrakish Fabiano' (a blue Persian male) from Kathie Scallan. I had many proud moments and lots of pleasure from owning these two cats. They both acquitted themselves very well on the show bench. Fabiano was with us till 14 years of age and Clare till almost 18 years of age, so they were both part of the family for a very long time.

In 1987 I became a Group 1 Judge with QFA (Inc.) and I am still a member of their judging panel. I have judged in most states of Australia and several times in New Zealand.

I decided to try my hand at breeding Birmans and in 1988 bought a blue point female 'Furrever Saskia' and registered my cattery name of 'Bobbysocks'. Unfortunately I have lost her lines and most of my female cats are now descended from 'Ranhisma Kandice Star' a seal point female bred by John & Marilyn Fairbank. My favourite colours are the red, cream and tortie points. They are divine kittens and grow into gorgeous cats. Their personalities seem to be more outgoing than some of the other colours so they fit in very well with all members of the family. This breed of cat is ideally suited as an indoor pet and will give their owners many hours of pleasure and enjoyment. They are affectionate, very intelligent, and love to be around people. I am continually striving to perfect the standard of my kittens so am always looking forward with excitement and anticipation to the next litter. During 2004 I exported my first kitten to the Netherlands. A beautiful red point female called 'Bobbysocks Vanilla Sky'.

Our family also includes a dog, Lizzie the Border Collie & Blackie the hen.


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